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I am working on code for the Texas Instruments MSP430. This is a bare-metal application. I have two projects in one workspace. One is the application code, the other project is RTL, libs, & misc provided by TI.

In the application source file is the line:

When I right-click and select Go to Definition, I get the message "No symbols found matching UCB0CTLW0".

In the libs project, the file msp430fr5728.h has these lines:
#define SFR_8BIT(address)   extern volatile unsigned char address
SFR_8BIT(UCB0CTLW0_L);                        /* USCI B0 Control Word Register 0 */

Is it normal for SE not to be able to find a symbol when it is nested into another define like that?
Or, is there something I need to do to fix it?



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Document > C/C++ Options > C/C++ Preprocess > Add... > SFR_8BIT(address) ...