Author Topic: Per project or per workspace formatting settings (again)  (Read 3711 times)


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Re: Per project or per workspace formatting settings (again)
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I can't reproduce that.  In the Tools -> Options dialog, under Editing -> General, and double check to make sure "Apply editorconfig and .seeditorconfig.xml settings" and make sure that using the seeditorconfig is enabled.   I believe that is off by default.
Ding ding ding!  Yes, but... and I guess this is a relatively minor annoyance for me (so far) - For files that are already open in the project I have to close the file/buffer and then re-open the file to get the new tab spacing.  Closing the workspace, or exiting SE is not sufficient.  Deleting the history file works, but I then I have to re-open all the files again.  At least SE remembers the position in each file even when history is deleted, but not if I had multiple views into the file it only remembers one cursor position.  Again, a minor issue.