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Hi there,

We use Xoreax IncrediBuild to distribute our C++ build over a number of Windows machines. Is there any available support for this in the build proccess.


ScottW, VP of Dev:
Hi Mike,

Sorry, we don't have any direct support for Incredibuild, though requests do come up from time to time.  We do have the capability to easily configure a new build command line in our Project Properties dialog. 

Does Incredibuild support launching from a command line?  If so:
1) Select Project > Project Properties.
2) Select the Build tab. Select the "Build with a user-maintained makefile or custom build command" radio button.
3) Select the Tools tab. Select the "Build" entry in the Tool name selection box. Then enter the command line to launch your build with Incredibuild.  Repeat this for Rebuild and Compile if you choose.
4) Click OK.

Does this take care of what you wanted? If not, can you describe what you'd like to see. Obviously, a full integration of Incredibuild is a large task. Is there something between configuring a command line build and a full integration that will address your needs?


Hi Scott,

Thanks for this, but as we have 70 different VSC++ projects I'd like to try and avoid setting this up per project. Is there a way we can define a new 'Tool/Configuration file' or something similar? That way I could configure all the projects within the workspace to behave similarly.



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