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No more references.

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When I attempt to ctrl/ I get a popup box that says No more references. The References window populates momentarily and then clears with the exception of the open file name which is followed by NO REFERENCES. There is an older post from 2008 on this subject and I have followed all of the recommendations in that post. It has been working intermittently since. I am running v24.0.0.8 with the most recent hot fixes applied.

Verify that "Look in:" on the References tool window is set to what you want, likely <Current Workspace>.

Also, verify that "Show all" is checked on the References tool window.

You can also try rebuilding your workspace tag file (Project > Retag Workspace...).

Otherwise, you should *at a minimum* see the reference in the current file which you originated the reference search from, if that is not happening, you should post the source file, perhaps there is a context tagging issue specific to that file or the specific language.

References can also be broken if you change the identifier characters in your language-specific color coding settings in an incorrect manner, so if you have modified color coding, you might want to double-check that also.

Dennis, Thanks for the quick response.

I have tried multiple selections for "Look in:" Most recently I had this set for "All Tag Files" "Current Workspace" does not work either.

"Show all" is checked.

I have already re-tagged the workspace many times.

If I ctrl/ a symbol in a file that contains many instances of the symbol non of the other symbols in the file are found. When I clear the popup box the references window goes completely empty.

Per the other thread I renamed my config directory and started SE from scratch. I went through the menus and selected very generic settings. I did not select anything custom with respect to color coding.

One thing to note is that the files that I am editing are on a network drive and my workspace/project/tag files are all on my local drive.

Can you post one sample file (and show which item you were trying to get references to)?

Also, is there any aliasing involved with the network files?  That is symbolic links, assigning drive letters, any way that the same files could be being referenced as two distinct paths?

I am unable to post any of our source code due to company policy. There is really nothing complex or unique about our source code itself.

I am accessing the code on a Windows 10 machine using a mapped drive to a samba server. There is only one mapped drive that provides a path to this code.

I have been accessing our code this way for several years now. I was having intermittent issues with SE being extremely sluggish. At that time I was using V18. I recently upgraded to V24 in an attempt to solve the sluggishness. V24 fixed the issue. Unfortunately it also caused this new issue.

So in the last week I have removed all instances of SE from my machine, installed V24, removed the config directory and allowed SE to generate a new one, created a new workspace/project, retagged the workspace.

Like I said Cntrl/ was working a few times along the way using V24. Cntrl. is working now.

Are there any other recommendations that you can make without seeing my source code?


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