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Improve work over SFTP


If my whole project is accessible only via SFTP, things would be very slow.
Especially heavy file access, e.g.

* Createing/tagging a project
* Searching many filesThis can be solved by installing a remote agent on a machine "on the other side" of the SFTP. vscode does something like this.

IMHO this is the ONLY advantage vscode has over Slick. In every other aspect it does not even come close.
Except, these day when many people (worldwide) work from home, remote access has become even harder. So in many cases this can be a major issue.

I agree. This is the only feature that keeps me from being able to use SE. We work on remote VMs in Azure. SSH access only through a jumphost. VSCode works perfectly this way.

Have you tried sshfs or the Windows port. Works great for me.


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