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SE2019 24.0.2 Pro MAC network file share project setup issue

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There isn't any logging that would get more information here.

I was going to recommend running dtruss on the SlickEdit process when it was doing failed scans to see if that would give any clues, but I found with newer versions of MacOS, that you can't do that without turning off SIP.  Which is involved enough where I'm not going to recommend that. 

I'm going to take a look at the scanning code again, and see if I can add some logging that would help here.  And I can send you a debug executable once that's in place.

Here's something else to try.  If it happens again, see if you can do a recursive find in files for a search term that's going to match nearly every file and see if you get roughly the right amount of files in the results.   The motivation is that if it reproduces with find in files, it's much easier to debug, and if it does not reproduce, it also narrows down what we would need to log in the worst case. 

I attached a screenshot of how you can set up the Find in Files.  Replace "Look in" with the path to your workspace directory.  Don't use the "<Workspace>" entry there.    And adjust the "File Types" filter if you need something in addition to c++ source files. And definitely be sure to check the "List filenames only" box, we really don't want to see every match location for the letter 'e'.   When the problem crops up again, try to do this find, and let us know if it fails to find all your files. 

Thanks for your help. Here's some data.

Output from SE was very limited the first few times I tried, then it suddenly started doing better.

Find all "copyright", Subfolders, List filenames only, "/System/Volumes/Data/net/eaglewind/workspace/xxx", "*.c;*.cpp;*.h;*.atif;*.py;*.tmpl", Exclude: ".svn/;build/"
Matching files: 3     Total files searched: 4

A subsequent test
Matching files: 3297     Total files searched: 3311

Using the file system find command I found a total of 4,143 files that should have matched the filters. I think this should have made 'total files searched' 4,143.

Follow up: I used a terminal window to 'ls -R' the directory tree in question then did the find and the project add files and all files were found.

Also, I was having the issues with catalina 10.15.4 when I filed this. Before the test I posted above, I had upgraded to 10.15.5 and see the same errors. e.g. the errors were on 10.15.4 and 10.15.5. I think the errors started after I upgraded to the latest SE 24.0.2 on catalina but with all this covid stuff going on, other changes may have been put into play. I've been working from home more which is when I first saw the issues. e.g. NFS over VPN/WAN. I originally attributed the issues to that configuration. At this point, these latest tests were on the local LAN back at the office.

Very strange. I have a version of sgrep (the separate executable that implements the background search) that has added debug logging.  I've tested it on Linux, I just need to build and check it out on MacOSX this morning.  Once that's done, I'll send you a PM with download instructions and what parameters to run it with. 


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