Author Topic: Is it possible to use windbg from slick edit to debug a remote client?  (Read 348 times)


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I frequently debug using windbg on a remote machine over the network. So there's a host instance of windbg running on the target system, and I connect to it over the network with a client instance of windbg. But it would be super-great to debug under slick edit. It needs to be able to connect to the existing instance on the target machine, because sometimes I have to trigger the debug instance on the target machine after a specific process or module loads. I use tcp/ip to connect to the remote system. Even though it's "remote" it's actually 3 feet away from me on my network. It's just the apps are fullscreen graphics so there's really no practical way to use a debugger on the target. (I don't have any control over the apps - I work on drivers.) 


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We do not have support for that presently, but I filed a feature request so that we can track that for a future release.