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I don't see a language def for Jinja.

I have some *.Jinja macro files that are used it part of a code generator - so this macro code is stand alone, not embedded in anything

No Jinja as a stand alone language yet. Didn't know there was such a thing.

Can you post a sample .Jinja macros file?

How is a stand alone Jinja file used?

Your stand alone Jinja sample looks pretty much like embedded code. {% Jinja code ... %}. etc.

The only thing in your Jinja file which is out side of this are some double quoted strings:

--- Code: ---"Array"{%...%}

--- End code ---

Are quoted strings outside of {%...%} part of the Jinja language or just some arbitrary text? There's also a some commas outside of {%...%}. I'm guessing if it's outside of {%...%}, then it's not colored as Jinja.

"Array" appears verbatim (including quotes) in the output -- Jinja doesn't interpret the quotes.
outside of {% %}, double braces {{variable}} are substitutions.

From this:
Anything outside of these

--- Code: ---{% ... %} for Statements
{{ ... }} for Expressions to print to the template output
{# ... #} for Comments not included in the template output
#  ... ## for Line Statements

--- End code ---
is just plain text.

If I rename my file from "something.jina" to "something.cs" or "something.ps1"
should Slick recognize this is Jinja macros embedded in csharp or powershell script?

yes, renaming the files works - along with toggle_jinja_color_coding!


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