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Multi-Instance SE


First, I'm thrilled that I can now have more than one instance of SE open without having to muck around with configs.   I had resorted to just including other not necessarily related projects in the workspace so that I could cross reference without contention.  I'm looking forward to getting back to more truer project oriented work spaces.

What I would like to see is the ability to launch a second instance from within SE, itself.    This would be particularly useful from the Project Menu.   Although that is a tad bit more difficult, at least a new button from the Organize All Workspaces Dialogue to open a Workspace in a new instance would be nice.

For my workflow, this would allow better cross referencing (looking at other product builds compared to the one I'm working on) and product/project interruption management that happens throughout the day.

I'm looking forward to using this new feature more.

That's a great idea actually ... when opening a project/workspace slick could prompt:
   Open YouWorkSpace in new window?

I was going to suggest a menu: Window->New Instance, but I like this idea better.

Also of course, the Window menu should know about other instances and let you switch to them.

Hello, please forgive me if my question is naive.
Having multiple instances of SE is certainly great but, how do you run a second instance ?
If I try to launch a second instance the running instance is spotted and focused.
I could not find any setting about 'instance'.
Thanks for any advice.

vs +new launches a new instance

Wonderful ! Many thanks for your quick help !


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