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Sub-word pattern matching for completion with Java enum

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I love the new feature for sub-word pattern matching for completion! I really wanted this feature!

I have found it working in many cases, but I think I found a case where it doesn't work in Java with enums in on Windows x64.


--- Code: ---public class EnclosingClass
  enum EnumInClass

// Constructor
// After the dot type "TEM" as below and ITEM1, ITEM2 don't show up in completion list

--- End code ---

Have you tried a different "Subword matching stategy:" Languages>Java>AutoComplete

My understanding is that most of the the subword matching strategies are optimized by creating an index based on the symbol name (casing, underscores, etc.). Try "Simple subword matching". I think that one is a raw search. It will be slower. It worked for me.

It was set to "Stone-skipping with subword boundaries". When I change to "Simple substring matching" it does work.

How come it doesn't work with the default strategy? Is that a bug? Shouldn't it also work with the default strategy?

Definitely not a bug. It's an intentional limitation which provides better performance.

But I don't have this problem with Java non-enums?

Why only this problem with Java enums, but not with Java member functions or member variables?

Since it only happens with enums but not member functions/variables, I suspect that it is a bug.

I don't need to change the strategy with member functions/variables, sub word completion works fine with those and the default strategy.


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