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Gradle project, lost gradle path
« on: August 01, 2020, 04:43:33 pm »
I am specifying the Gradle path in the wizard (c:\gradle).  The build task works fine for single projects:
Code: [Select]
C:\code\certgenerator>C:\VSLICK~1\win\vsbuild -signal 50100 -command "c:\gradle\\bin\gradle.bat" -b "C:\code\certgenerator\build.gradle" build

but it works sporadically in projects with subprojects:

Code: [Select]
C:\code\ae\java\Server>set SE_GRADLE_TEST=

C:\code\ae\java\Server>set SE_GRADLE_WRAPPER_EXT=.bat

C:\code\ae\java\Server>set SLICKEDIT_GRADLE_EXEC_ARGS=

C:\code\ae\java\Server>set JAVA_HOME=c:\jdk8

C:\code\ae\java\Server>C: & cd C:\code\ae\java\Server

C:\code\ae\java\Server>C:\VSLICK~1\win\vsbuild -signal 50272 -command "\bin\gradle.bat" -b "C:\code\ae\java\Server\build.gradle" Build
\bin\gradle.bat -b C:\code\ae\java\Server\build.gradle Build
vsbuild: File not found (\bin\gradle.bat)


I said sporadically, because it sometimes generates the correct path when I switch from a single-level Gradle project to the multi-level one.

I also have a problem with the selection of the the Java compiler.  In that second example it sets JAVA_HOME to a version I don't want, and I am not entirely sure where it gets picked up from.  I can go into each and every subproject and change that selection in the subproject properties, but that is a bit tedious. It would be nicer if I could set it in the Gradle wizard at the project root, and it would propagate down into the subprojects.


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Re: Gradle project, lost gradle path
« Reply #1 on: Today at 01:05:45 pm »
That's unexpected, it looks like it built the path with an empty Gradle root, but it's not supposed to be able to get that far if that happens.  And it shouldn't be empty at that point anyway.  I'll take a look and see if I can reproduce it, and see what's going on.

Being able to set the java compiler for multiple projects would be a nice feature.  I'd probably put that in the workspace/project settings dialog, since that can be useful outside of Gradle projects.  I'll add it as a feature request.
 If I can't get it for this release, it would be nice for the point release.