Author Topic: Using SlickEdit with Clearcase??  (Read 3121 times)


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Using SlickEdit with Clearcase??
« on: July 03, 2007, 11:58:59 am »
I wondering what others have "evolved" as best practices for using Clearcase and Slickedit in combination . . .??

We are using Clearcase/Clearquest (and Multisite) with UCM with a VERY large codebase.  We are using ONLY dynamic views.  In addition, we have fairly complex Clearmake makefiles.  The environment is Solaris.  Currently our users are using a large variety of editors, but no IDE's.

1.  What is the normal "way of working"; do you run separate Slickedit instances for each view?
2.  Is there a straight-forward way to start another view from Slickedit and have access to the dynamic view data?
3.  Has anyone tried generating Slickedit projects/workspaces from Clearcase UCM projects?
4.  Are there third-party tools which might improve the integration between Slickedit and Clearcase?

TIA . . . .