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Python debugging ... long strings


I read an entire file into a variable.

Now "Locals" doesn't work well because Slick doesn't truncate the string.
Its confusing because the "Value" part is many lines and the "Name" part is centered vertically. would be good for Slick to truncate the display of the string to something reasonable (2-3 lines worth?), while still making the entire contents available with Contents -> Copy, or a separate pop up dialog to display the entire content (with a scrollbar).

It got weirder when I undocked, then redocked locals.
I'll upload a video to support to show the weird behavior.

Notice that "match_line" is displayed as if it is huge, when it isn't.
Then when local is docked, match_line is display correctly.

In docked and undocked "line" isn't display well at all.
Line is the variable with a lot of text.

The text will be truncated for the next build.

This only part of the fix, because Copy only copies the truncated version, and I'm still need to look into that.


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