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Modified lines
« on: September 25, 2020, 10:14:05 pm »
See the attached.
On the left, what is the difference between dark red and bright red?

#1: In Tools > Options > Appearance > Colors, when you click on things in a text window is selects the corresponding thing in colors -- but this doesn't work for the gutter area -- it should.

#2: The bright red on line 119 makes the breakpoint invisible, while the break on line 104 shows clearly.
Ideally, the change line highlights would not obscure the special icons that are displayed in the gutter as well. This should be easy enough to do when line numbers are enabled.

#3 How can I quickly clear or reset the dark red / light red highlighting?

#4: Tools > Options > Appearance > Colors ... I was looking under "Margins" and saw nothing about modified lines. Now I see "Modifications".

To make finding the correct color easier, can a sample be displayed in the list - so that all of the colors/styles would be visible at once in that list?