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FiF not finding text in GZ or ZIP files


Ive got a bunch of .gz files (logs)
Searching for text I know is in those files ... slick doesn't find it.
Doesn't work in ZIP files either.

Slick V24 does find the text successfully.

Find all "GET somesearchtext", Subfolders, Zip files, "D:\logs\data", "*"
File D:\logs\data\rest.log-2020090217
  4219 49:2020-09-02 16:25:58.524 [INFO] >> GET somesearchtextasdasdasdasdasd
Total found: 1     Matching files: 1     Total files searched: 52

In Slick v24,
Find all "GET somesearchtext", Subfolders, Zip files, "D:\logs\data", "*"
Total found: 8     Matching files: 8     Total files searched: 52

This is the same issue as the crash you found. The search process is crashing.

Fixed for next build


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