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Multiple instances: and cmdline invocation


How is cmd line invocation supposed to work now?

It used to be that
1st invocation of vs.exe from cmd.exe would not exit
2nd and subsequent invocations of vs.exe would activate the existing slick and maybe open new files.
To get a new instance you have to use "+new" cmdline option.

1st invocation of vs.exe from cmd.exe would not exit
2nd invocation of vs.exe starts a 2nd instance
well, sometimes anyways - I've not figured out what is happening yet.
Sometimes when I do "vs anotherFile.txt", another instance of Slickedit is started, and sometimes it activates the existing instance of slickedit.

It appears to matter if slick already has the file open?

v25 handles multiple instances differently than v24. The config directory you specify matters.
The following will start two instances of SlickEdit in v25 but not in v24.

--- Code: ---vs -sc c:\config1
vs -sc c:\config2

--- End code ---

The following will start only one instance:

--- Code: ---vs -sc c:\config1
vs -sc c:\config1

--- End code ---

OK, it definitely doesn't work reliably.

starting with VS.exe not running.
From cmd.exe, I run 'vs file1.txt'
SLick starts and loads file1.txt.
From a 2nd cmd.exe, I run 'vs file2.txt'
A 2nd instance of Slick starts and loads file2.txt

This doesn't happen everytime, but often enough that it is pretty easy to repro.

Reproduced.  We will be looking into this.

Fixed for next build


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