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Use Slick Edit to build VS programs


I've been handed a VS project and I'm using Slick Edit Pro 2019...
I'm building the C++ code under Slick Edit(Ctrl+M) and continually getting error messages about strcpy, strtok and other functions:
.....To disable deprecation, use _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS
I have put a define in the project properties, which did not stop this error.
I put a #define in the code, same results.

I also have a bunch of warnings which I would like to turn off (mostly type conversions).  I've attempted, same method, to change the warning level to no avail.


You would need to add the defines you want to the Visual Studio project in Visual Studio.  We don't modify the Visual Studio projects, we only read them and pass on commands to the Microsoft tools.

The pre-processor defines you can add to SlickEdit are for the benefit of SlickEdit's tagging, the Visual Studio compiler wouldn't see those changes.


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