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beautifier C reference file
« on: October 16, 2020, 08:20:47 PM »
Can someone provide (or point me to) a C99 file with various code snippets that I can use to see the effect of beautifier options I've selected?
The standard one that comes with SE only has this

class Something : public OrAnother {
    Something() : OrAnother(CTX_ST) {

    int* getStorage() {
        if (isPickled() || needsReset() ||
            fullyQualifiedName() ==
                DEFAULT_NAME) {
            char const *file = storageFile();
        return m_payload;

    template<class A>
    struct StorageRep {
        int *ref;
        char type;
        short refcnt;
        A *proxy;

which is C++ and no control statements.  I'd like something with declarations, for loops, switch statements, etc. etc.  Then I can load it into SE and see how it will look using various beautifier options.