Author Topic: Add a comment style setting to the Language Formatting Profile Styles  (Read 1417 times)


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I use different comment format styles for coding C/C++ on different platforms.  ie. Linux vs. Windows.
I like to use '/* */' for Linux kernel driver work which I believe is the standard style.   But when I code for other platforms, such as Windows C/C++ I use '//'.
It would be nice not having to switch the comment setup every time I change target platforms.   Which incidentally I do daily to fix bugs etc..
In the C/C++->Formatting menu, Profile style configuration settings, there is a Comment section but it doesn't have a setting for the comment style preference.  This is what I would like Slickedit to add.  It seems like a simple addition that would override the global setting.
And perhaps add a global setting to set whether the Format setting overrides the global setting.  I hope this sounds like a reasonable request for an improvement. Thx.