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Using beautifier on other file types


I'm a bit new to SlickEdit and I'm wonder on how to use the beautifier on other file types. We have an file type with an extension of *.svs which is just a form of system verilog with some extensions. I would like to run the beautifier on this file. When I try I get the message "beautifying not supported for plain text". Is there a way run the beautifier on this file ?


It looks like you have a problem with the format. Search through this forum about how to change the format.

You'll need to let SlickEdit know that extension is System Verilog.  If you go to Tools -> Options -> Languages -> Hardware Description Languages -> SystemVerilog -> General,
there's a "File Extensions" at the top, with a "Edit These Extensions" button underneath.  Click on that to add the svs extension.


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