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independent window resizing


It would be great if I could independently re-size each window buffer.

I realize some people may want the linking you have now, so I would request the new "mode" as an option.

My use case: when working on a class, I first open the header and then the cpp file. This makes implementation more convenient.
However, as I build out the methods, often I am using other classes, and I need to have those header and cpp files open in independent windows. Each file has it's own inherent width to see its content, and that will differ from file to file. So if this feature was implemented, I would use it all the time.

Thanks for listening,

You can drag buffer windows out of the main slick edit window, and then each is independently movable and sizable

not the same

If you right-click on the document tabs, there are options to split windows (either vertical or horizontal).  Once split, you can grab the size-bar between them an drag to resize both windows.  You can also split windows (or tile windows) from the Window menu.


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