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Re: VS Crash
« Reply #15 on: April 14, 2021, 01:29:20 pm »
This one is odd.  It does seem to be hitting the same thing for all your crashes, possibly for the same file.  We can tell it's happening while tagging a perl file, but the places where we could extract an actual file name are either overwritten, or not included in the minidump. 

For the perl files in your projects, do any of them use the feature where you can tag a HERE doc with the language type so the string will be color coded as that language? 

For example, the $mess string here would be color coded as Ruby script:
Code: [Select]
my $mess = <<'ruby';
def find_missing(sequence)
  consecutive     = sequence.each_cons(2)

If any of your perl scripts are using that, what languages are they embedding in the HERE docs?