Author Topic: Find in files Filter Editor bugs  (Read 192 times)


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Find in files Filter Editor bugs
« on: March 25, 2021, 06:36:24 pm »
#1: It doesn't like it if you enter ( or ) as part of the name or pattern.
For example, entering "JOE" with pattern "*.*" gives
JOE ((*.*))
Note that it doubles up the ( and ) and confuses the search, for example:
Selected Pattern "All files"
Code: [Select]
Find all "asdasd", "C:\Users\jporkka\Documents\Slickedit\", "*.*"
Selected pattern "JOE"
Code: [Select]
Find all "asdasd", "C:\Users\jporkka\Documents\Slickedit\", "(*.*;)"

It doesn't like "," or ";" either.

#2: "Add New Filter" only lets me enter a name, not a value
#3: "Add New Filter" puts the new entry at the bottom of the list, should be on top - I will probably want to use it soon.
#4: Add New Filter "HELP" doesn't work:
Code: [Select]
SlickEdit Pro
Help item 'Add New Filter dialog' not found
#5 While the Filter Editor doesn't have a help button and doesn't support F1 either.

#6 More of a wish: Get rid of the "Filter Name" and "Filter Value" boxes for editing. Instead, make "filters" be a 2 column sortable list (Name, value) with edit-in-place. OIC--it already supports edit-in-place for the name.

#7 What is the relationship between this list and the extensions for languages?
For example, I added "stop" to Go under Tools > Options > Languages > Application Languages > Google Go > General.
But still, in the filter patterns Google Go is just (*.go), but it should be "(*.go;*.stop)"


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Re: Find in files Filter Editor bugs
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2021, 01:11:45 am »
#1 an open paren and probably a close paren should not be allowed for the filter name
#2 It should prompt for a filter value too
#3 Your right. Added items should go to the top.
#4 Not sure if that button should even be there.
#5 The Help button works for me in the Files of Type Filters. I may not understand your question though.
#6 Edit in place might be a little better for this dialog. A sort option would definitely be nice.
#7 As you've noticed, the Language extensions don't have to match the extensions here. This allows for more customization. Too bad there is a mapping between say "Google Go Files" and the mode name for "Google Go". If there was, we could support the filter value being blank and auto generate them.

I'll see if we can fix some of this up for v26.