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Has anyone looked at how one would debug bash scripts in SlickEdit?  I think there's wrappers to bashdb and it would be awesome to see source-level debug for bash, like we have for other languages like python.

AFAIK, we haven't.  Bashdb was definitely under my radar.  I'll go ahead open a feature request for it.

Unfortunately, I don't think its use of gdb command syntax gives us a leg up given that we already support gdb.  For our gdb debugging support, we use the -mi machine interface commands, whose syntax is different, and not made for interactive use by people.

Well, since Slick is my first love.. I want to wean myself off VSCode.  That's where I got the idea. I've recently remote-debugged bash in a plugin ("Bash Debug") that provides source-debugging like any other language, using bashdb under the covers.  No more stupid unreadable +x output.  It was...euphoric.   :D


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