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Sync'ing the Current Dir (in File Open pane) with a document's path

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SlickEdit Support:
All of the documentation comes in pdf form when SlickEdit is installed.  It will be in your SlickEdit_Installation\docs directory.

Just a quick tour ;)
1. Put the code into a <file>.e
2. Add #include '' on top. -> That's your 1st macro module - congrats ;)
3. Maybe put it into <Slick Install dir>\macros dir (where all other macros files reside), but it could be located anywhere
4.a Directly do 'Macros > Load Module -> Select your <file>.e'
4.b Drag'nDrop it into Slick or 'Open' the file and invoke the 'load' command on cmdline.
(If the source file is ok, the macro compiler creates a <file>.ex)
5. Use 'Tools -> Options -> Key Bindings' to (re-)assign shortcuts for all the available macros (yours are now included in the list)

That's it !

Good luck, HS2


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