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User defined DEFS window


DEFs window is great for languages that slick knows - it automatically tags functions, variables, etc.
What about log files, or other files that slick doesn't know?

UserDefs would "tag" based on user supplied regexs.
For example:

--- Code: ---Tag         Level   RegEx (perl)     
Header      1       ^\o:v
SubHeader   2       ^( +)\o:v
Error       -       (?i:ERROR:)

--- End code ---

This doesn't need to be as full featured as Defs is, but some basic regex matching would be great.
Ideally, this would tie into "List Current Context" in Find as well :-)

Hm... you could make an error browser by populating USERDEFS with the error parsing regexs.

USERDEFS would have to support selecting between different sets of expressions (for different filetypes). I don't know if slick could automatically detect the right userdefs configuration - sometimes it probably could.


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