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Keystroke to leave command line in build window


I am migrating from a very old version of Slick to the latest. In the Build window of the old version, I used Ctrl+Up to get command-line history and plain Up to access the output from the command line. In the version I am using now, the only way I seem to be able to leave the execution line of the Build window from the keyboard is to use Shift+Up, which selects some of the window text. Of course, I could use the mouse, but I prefer keystrokes.

I have worked around this issue by using AutoHotKey to bind Ctrl+Up to Shift+Up followed by Alt-U, which I have bound to deselect.

Is there a pure SlickEdit solution to leaving the bottom line of the Build window by means of a keystroke?

The context here is that I am a heavy user of SlickGrep and the cursor-error command.

I don't see a default process key binding that moves the cursor up, unless it's in some emulation I'm missing.

You can change the keybindings specific to the Build window's mode to match your old usage.  The mode name for the build window is "process".

So if you go to the Tool -> Options dialog, and go in the tree to Keyboard And Mouse -> Key Bindings and type "process-up" in the "Search by command" text box, it will show the binding for the Up key for process.  If you double click on it, you can change the key sequence to to Ctrl-Up.  Then hit the "Advanced>>" button, click on the "Bind to mode" checkbox, and select "process" as the mode.  And then hit OK.  That gives you the old history behavior. 

To get the cursor up, search for "cursor-up" in the "Search by command", and then hit the "Add" button at the bottom to create a new binding.  And then set the key to "Up", and set the mode to process like before.   And now up should move the cursor up in the build window.

That worked perfectly - thank you!


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