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Bringing VS to front always opens a file...

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This is a new thing - it first happened to me a few days ago, but today it is happening again, but with a different file.

Slickedit is running.
From a separate CMD window, I type "vs"
Normally this just brings Slickedit to front.

Now, it also opens a specific file (C:\src\file.bat).

From the cmd prompt, if I do

--- Code: ---vs OtherFile.txt

--- End code ---
Slick behaves as expected, but then

--- Code: ---vs

--- End code ---
slick again opens (or makes active) C:\src\file.bat

Earlier I did have a 2nd instance of Slickedit open (via vs +new), but currently I have only the original instance open.

Did you set the "VSLICK" environment variable? This is used to add arguments to every invocation.

No, and restarting Slickedit fixes the problem.
Seems like slick is somehow hanging on to some state it shouldn't.

Tricky issue. Make sure there isn’t an extra SlickEdit process running. Long shot guess.

Happening again right now.
Only one slick process open.
I don't think I've recently had a 2nd slick (via vs -new).
Anything I can do to help diagnose?


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