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Bringing VS to front always opens a file...

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I you got a config that reproduces every time, zip it up and upload it.

Nope, it just happens maybe once a week.
If I restart slickedit, the problem goes away.

Next time it happens, type “fexit” on the SlickEdit command line. This will exit SlickEdit without save files or overwriting any config files. Then you can try again to see if it reproduces and fexit again.

You could use the _StackDump function to see the call stack.  I guess slick thinks the cmdline had a filename on it so stackdump probably won't show why slick thought that.

void _buffer_add_check_file(int newBufId, _str bufName, int bufFlags = 0)
   if (bufName == "c:/src/file.bat")
      say("bufFlags = " :+ bufFlags);

Thanks Graeme.
I got a repro today and using this trick caught it in the slickedit debugger.
I sent email to Clark via support with all the details.

In edit2(), line 622:
         } else if ( letter=='#' ) {
            execute(substr(word_nq,3),'');   /* Execute the command now. */
         } else if (letter=='I') {

word_nq is "-#", but the next stack frame is edit() and there the filename is the full path to the troublesome file.
Maybe a bug in substr() - since word_nq is only 2 characters here.
Internally, are slickedit strings null terminated or counted?
I'm guessing counted.

BTW, from cmd.exe if you enter "VS.exe C:\foobar.txt", word_nq is "-#  C:\foobar.txt"


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