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Making the Build window just another tab

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I am in the process of migrating from Visual Slick Edit 5.0 to SlickEdit V25.

One of the things that has changed in the past 22 years is the Build/Process window. In the olden days this window behaved like an ordinary buffer window. In the latest version it is a separate docked window that (by default) I can't reach simply by cycling through other files.

Is there a setting to revert to the old behaviour that would (for example) allow me to:
(1) Make the Build window another tab like a text file; and
(2) Cycle through tabs and the Build window using a key binding (I have Ctrl+Tab) to reach the Build window and navigate away from it in the same way as a normal file tab.

(I'm not criticising the current behavior; I'd just prefer to emulate the behavior that I've got used to over the decades before I upgraded.)

Use the context menu in the build tool window. Right click and select "Send output to Editor Window"

I can't live without this option and I use this every day ;D

Thank you - that worked very well and will dramatically improve my SlickEdit experience.


--- Quote from: wellington2018 on June 12, 2021, 11:40:37 am ---I am in the process of migrating from Visual Slick Edit 5.0 to SlickEdit V25.

--- End quote ---

Wow!  Glad to have you up to date again.



I made it so that when I right click in the build tab I have a new menu item to "Go to error in build window" (which calls the macro from the first link). This will open the editor tab of the build window at the same line number as error that I right clicked on in the build tab - very useful.

I'm also able to use this instead of "Send Output to Editor Window"


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