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Making the Build window just another tab

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Once you have turned on the "Send output to Editor Window" option, how do you turn it off?  Selecting that option from the context menu again does nothing (it stays selected/checked) -- at least for me.

Once you close the window that it is sent to (.process), it will not bring it back up again when you do the next build.

That is what I expected but it is not what I'm seeing.  It opens the .process tab when I click the menu item and every time I do a build.  And the blue check is next to the context menu item every time I right click -- no matter how many times I try to turn it off.  I also restarted SE.

Maybe I should start another thread, but I'm still plagued by not being able to get rid of the .process buffer.  The context menu in the build menu is stuck with this option on and I can not turn it off.

Suggestions?  Any way to turn this off with a def_... option on the command line?  I searched the user.cfg.xml for 'build' and 'process' and didn't see anything that looked relevant.

You could try this - close slick and rename vrestore.slk to something else - run slick and see what happens  - or else - close slick and rename vslick.sta to something else - run slick and see what happens.
Another thing to try  - in the context menu select "edit this menu", make a minor change to the menu to force it to be reloaded, see if it helps.


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