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is the plugin mechanism useable in 25.0.2

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Is the plugin mechanism useable in V25.0.2 - it's not mentioned in the help file at all.

It has not been documented yet because we still don't have the website side of this implemented yet. It is quite usable.

If you have multiple instances of v25.0.2 running, loading a plugin is not a applied to all instances. We have fixed this for v26.

I use this plugin mechanism for my add on macros. It's just easier to deal with. I invoke SlickEdit via a script which specifies the path to my plugins directory. Not sure if you'll need to get that fancy. I do because I have to run different versions of SlickEdit for testing and I constantly create and delete config directories.

bin/vs +new -sc config -sp /f/se64/vmacros/plugins "$@"&

Hi Clark

Thanks.  The xretrace plugin you created here is working for me in 25.0.2.,17704.msg69296.html#msg69296

I tried uninstalling the plugin and found the content of the folder did get deleted and the commands were all removed but slickedit reported
unable to remove plugin C:
\GP\SlickConfig ...

and if I repeat the plugin_uninstall command it shows xretrace as still being a plugin  - even though it is actually gone except for the folder.
When I first ran the uninstall command I actually had two of the associated files open in slick  - slick then prompted me that the two files had been deleted etc. and I closed them but the uninstall still said failure.

So now I tried trying to load the plugin with a slightly different name (graeme_nz instead of graeme) but I forgot to change over something in the folder so I deleted the second plugin and this time it deleted ok.

So I fix the problem and the plugin loads ok now  - but it doesn't report that the plugin loaded successfully.  Maybe it should have a message box saying success, plus maybe open up the dialog that shows the list of active plugins.


I’ll check into this

A question  - if I need to shut down xretrace before the plugin is loaded so that the timer callback doesn't misbehave, is the definit and _on_load_module_xretrace that I have below ok for this.

--- Code: ---
void _on_load_module_xretrace(_str module_name)
   _str sm = strip(module_name, "B", "\'\"");
   if (strip_filename(sm, 'PD') == 'xretrace.e') {

   if (arg(1)=="L") {
      //If this is NOT an editor invocation
       //buffer_history_suspend = true;
      // this shouldn't be necessary because _on_load_module does it
   retrace_no_re_entry = 0;
   goback_is_loaded = false;
   if (def_xretrace_no_delayed_start && !file_exists(_ConfigPath() :+ 'DontRunMyMacros.txt')) {
      xretrace_not_running = false;
   } else {
      xretrace_not_running = true;
      xretrace_has_been_started_id = 0;

_command void xretrace_kill_timer() name_info(',')
   if ( retrace_timer_handle != -1 ) {
      retrace_timer_handle = -1;

--- End code ---


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