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is the plugin mechanism useable in 25.0.2

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Not sure what's going on but for the code below I get debug output of
pic 32933 33486 33483
if I re-install the plugin then restart slick and the bitmaps don't work.
If I then manually reload xretrace.e using menu -> load module (without restarting slick), the bitmaps start working
and I get
pic 33470 33486 33487
If I now restart slick the bitmaps stop working.
Maybe the bitmap path doesn't work at startup.
#define XRETRACE_PATH "plugin://user_graeme_nz.xretrace/"

--- Code: ---   retrace_line_marker_pic_index_cur = _find_or_add_picture(XRETRACE_BITMAPS_PATH :+ '_xretrcur.png@native');
   retrace_line_marker_pic_index_mod = _find_or_add_picture(XRETRACE_BITMAPS_PATH :+ '_xretrmod.png@native');
   retrace_line_marker_pic_index_demod = _find_or_add_picture(XRETRACE_BITMAPS_PATH :+ '_xretrdemod.png@native');
   //retrace_line_marker_pic_index_inv = _find_or_add_picture(XRETRACE_BITMAPS_PATH :+ '_xretrinv.png');
   retrace_line_marker_pic_index_inv = 0;

   say("pic " :+ retrace_line_marker_pic_index_cur :+  " " :+ retrace_line_marker_pic_index_mod :+ " " :+ retrace_line_marker_pic_index_demod);

--- End code ---

Haven't been able to reproduce this.  Can we get your config directory?  (We're assuming the plugin location is the default, so the config directory will be included).

We'll PM you with instructions on how to upload the zipped/tarred config directory shortly.

SlickEdit Support:
PM sent.

SlickEdit Support

Here's the plugin I'm loading into a clean empty config.  I've uploaded the config folder to support.  I notice that if the plugin source has changed and the ex file is out of date, slick automatically rebuilds the plugin at startup.  As with a manual re-load, this also results in the bitmaps working.  If there is no re-load after a restart, the bitmaps don't work.

I should mention that the bitmaps show up in the margin at the left hand side - same place as bookmark icons.  By default the bitmaps are turned off and also by default, xretrace doesn't start running until you try to use it  - this is in case it causes a problem for someone you can just restart to get xretrace turned off.  To change these settings, run xretrace-show-control-panel  - then enable the top left three "show marker" settings, turn off "retrace delayed start".  I also enable "capture retrace data to disk".


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