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is the plugin mechanism useable in 25.0.2

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Ack, attached the wrong version.  Load the cfg.e in this post to get the fix.

My xretrace macro needs the source files to be loaded in a certain order.  Currently I get a slick stack when trying to install the plugin because definit in xretrace.e tries to call a function that doesn't exist.  I had to use task manager to kill slickedit.  Is there any way to handle this?

I'm trying to work around this problem by loading the missing macro file from xretrace def_init if find_index doesn't find a particular function - dlist_construct   - but find_index says the function is in the names table but when I call the function, I get a slick stack.  Is it possible that a #import adds names to the names table and makes find_index return non zero even though the module containing dlist_construct hasn't been loaded yet?

--- Code: ---   int vv1 = find_index('dlist_construct', PROC_TYPE);
   say("ggg " :+ vv1);

--- End code ---

- the code above gives me 33104 but calling dlist_construct crashes.
For the plugin version of xretrace, I will probably have to load DLinkList.e from xretrace.e def_init every time xretrace.e is loaded.  It seems to work.

How did you create your plug-in? If you just zip up your files, you can’t rely on order of macro loading. You have to use the plug-in creation commands. If I remember correctly the manifest (written by plug-in creation commands) specifies the macro load order and is generated automatically.

Yes, I just zipped it.  I didn't know there was a plugin creator.  I'll give it a try.  Thanks.


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