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is the plugin mechanism useable in 25.0.2

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I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do. Usually, definit() is used to initial global and/or static variables as if you loaded your module for the first time. Unlike C++, Slick-C can store the value of global and/or static variables in vslick.sta and often these variables need a specific initial state. _on_load_module only gets called when your module is loaded. definit() gets called either when the module is loaded or when the editor is invoked. The extra argument passed to definit(), let you know which case you are handling.

The first time the module is loaded or on invocation, your timer won't be running until you start it. If a module is reloaded (already loaded and you are loading it again), then you may or may not want to reset your timer. Most of the time you can get away with leaving your timer running.

Thanks.  I often get a slick stack if I leave a timer running.  I think I will remove the _on_load_module thing I have, since definit can do it.

I'm trying to improve the documentation for xretrace at the moment.  I think I will use OneNote and export it to pdf.  I was wondering if each plugin should maybe have two pdfs  <plugin-name>.usage.pdf for how to use and <plugin-name>.dev.pdf for developer notes  - or maybe just <plugin-name>.pdf and all in the one file.  I think I will need to separate xxutils from xretrace.  Also it would be nice if all plugin source was in github so people can diff to see what has changed - or get older copies of the source.

my plugin.xml file currently has this
   <plugin title="Graeme's XRetrace Macros" min_ver="25"/>

I wonder if a max_ver is also needed, if it's not there then there's no max.
my plugin folder name is currently this
If this gets updated to a new version, will the existing folder remain in the plugins folder when the new version is installed  - or will the plugin loader unload all of the ex files in the older version before loading the new one?

One more thing, until the plugin website is working, the plugin name needs to indicate what minimum version of slickedit is needed to use that file

so this

I'm getting some problems with loading bitmaps using _find_or_add_picture - for the xretrace plugin the bitmaps don't seem to work until I manually reload the xretrace source file.  I'm still investigating.  In the process I discovered that if I have xretrace_scrollbar.e open in the editor and use macro => load module I get this filename showing in the open dialog
which gives an error, it should be
For some reason the file tab for this file in slickedit has
but I can't remember what I did that made it do that.  If I figure it out I'll update this thread.


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