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I'm exploring Slickedit for Scala. There does not appear to be any documentation for setting up a project. It looks like Slickedit wants you to have Scala installed but we typically pull it down from Maven or Ivy repos.

Does anyone know how to set a project up properly?

Are you getting prompted for the location of the Scala install?  What are you doing at the time? Do you have a project open at the time?

If you create/import a Gradle or SBT project, it shouldn't need the path to a local Scala installation, because those respective tools download Scala and invoke it.  If it's prompting in that case, that sounds like a bug.

We will prompt for the Scala install location for single-file projects - that's the case where you don't have a project open, and you just open up a Scala source file.  In that case we invoke "scalac" directly, and we need a path to an existing one.   We don't currently download a compiler for you in that case.   

Thanks for responding. I imported an SBT project. It builds fine from SlickEdit's build menu, but I had to install Scala rather than using the one I pulled down with SBT.

I can reproduce it now.  That may be a bug, it looks like it tries to get a directory for Scala for tagging (so it can tag the Scala libraries).  There is another piece that tries to pull the scala compiler's library source down via Ivy so it can be tagged.  I'll need to investigate this more.

I see no workaround to avoid the scala prompt for the moment.


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