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Persist color modified lines


I like the option to color modified lines and it's even more useful with the birds-eye-view, but there are times when I'm forced to exit Slickedit, and I lose the modified line info. Would be great of this could be persisted, but I realize that's a lot of info to store somewhere and manage (determine when it can be cleared).

An alternative would be to, when opening/loading a file, diff against the base version in version control and mark modified lines accordingly. From that point on, just do the normal modified line tracking. Could even have a feature in the version control menu to update the modified line marking based on the current diff. That way, if I've changed something back to what it was before, the lines can be returned to the non-modified color.

I will file a feature request for this.  Thanks for the idea.

Edit: If you go to Tools>Options>Version Control>Application Options>Auto Restore and turn on "Auto restore line modify", does this get you what you want?

There is an existing option for saving and restoring modified lines:  Tools > Options... > Application Options > Auto Restore > "Auto restore line modify".   You can find this option quickly by searching for "modify" in the SlickEdit Options dialog.

I missed that, thanks. That looks it's mostly what I want, but I do think colorizing lines based on a diff against version control would be cool.

Also (and maybe I'm missing something here also), in the bird's eye view, would be nice to have options to highlight things like the current symbol under the cursor, search results, build errors/warnings etc.

That would be cool.


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