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plugin questions
« on: July 27, 2021, 05:41:16 AM »
attached is a zip file plugin for xretrace.  When I create the plugin, I get some warnings "function should be declared in namespace "user_graeme" for all the _command type functions in xretrace_scrollbar.e.  If I try to put them in a namespace I get some new errors such as "class name must be camel case" etc.
why does adding this line give new errors.
namespace user_graeme;

Second question, xretrace.e also has some _command type functions but the plugin builder doesn't give any errors for that file  - should it?  - or why does xretrace_scrollbar.e get namespace errors and not xretrace.e?

A comment on the plugin builder - for things like plugin-new and "add files" etc. a file explorer window comes up - but slick doesn't remember which folder I last browsed to  - and since I had the slick startup exe folder set to somewhere in "program files" I had to do quite a bit of explorer browsing.  I "fixed" this by setting the startup folder to be the configuration folder I was testing with.

The slick help should probably have a bit more information on how to use namespaces in slick C.