Author Topic: File Completion - Path Delimiter Consistency ?  (Read 3612 times)


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File Completion - Path Delimiter Consistency ?
« on: August 31, 2006, 04:11:20 pm »
I just recently purchased Slickedit (windows) and am loving it. Wish I ran across it sooner in my profesional life.

Using the emacs emulation, I open files and frequently use the command bar to get a form of auto completion for the file names. But coming from gnu emacs, I am in the habit of using '/' as my delimiter. So my autocomplete list appears as:



If I highlight file1 and press enter to open the file the file opens up as ..\\file1 (using the windows title bar text as an indicator). In v11.0.1 this caused a problem where I sometimes could not close the file correctly as it would say "file \\file1" doesn't exist. It would also tag oddly too. Is there some switch that would make slickedit understand either path delimiters and to not insert that extra slash?