Author Topic: Weird? behaviour of "Organize All Workspaces"  (Read 160 times)


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Weird? behaviour of "Organize All Workspaces"
« on: August 23, 2021, 07:28:54 am »
I use the "All Workspaces" Menu item very extensively to organize all our projects. This way I can also transfer my structure to new co-workers.
Since about version V23 (or earlier?) "Organize All Workspaces" has behaviour which is not logical and disturbing.
  • I create a new workspace. This workspace is in the folder "All Workspaces" at the bottom.
  • I move this workspace in the folder where I want it in.
  • In this folder the last item is another folder called "obsolete" with many other workspaces in it and now the moved workspace is the last item beneath that folder "obsolete"
    (see attached image 01_Organize All Workspaces.png)
  • I click the button "Move Up" to move my workspace before the folder "obsolete"
  • Instead of moving BEFORE the folder "obsolete" and staying in the same hierarchy level the workspace moves INTO the folder "obsolete" ??? ::)
    (see attached image 02_Organize All Workspaces.png)
In my opinion this behaviour is wrong! "Move Up" or "Move down" should move a workspace only in the current hierarchy level or folder.
In my case I had to click "Move Up" several times to traverse the workspace through the folder "obsolete".
What is the opinion of the community about this behaviour?

Regards, Urs
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