Author Topic: push-tag-filter-overloads on constructor prototype prompts when it shouldn't  (Read 152 times)


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With the code sample below:

.h file:
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class MyClass : public BaseClass
    MyClass(const char *msg);

.cpp file
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MyClass ::MyClass(const char *msg)

When I go into the .h file and do 'push-tag-filter-overloads' on the prototype of the constructor "MyClass" I expect it to take me right to the definition in the .cpp file without prompting.

However I get prompted with the prototype (.h) and definition (.cpp). I'd rather not get prompted in this case.

Now if I do just "push-tag", the prompt additionally has the class name.

When I do this on normal functions (not in a class) I don't get prompted. I think there is some setting in my config to not get prompted when there is just a prototype and a definition, I think I have that set (but don't remember how to find it).

I made a screen shot of all my "Context Tagging" settings, it is attached.