Author Topic: New Feature Testing Day 1: Enhanced color profile handling.  (Read 417 times)

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New Feature Testing Day 1: Enhanced color profile handling.
« on: September 08, 2021, 08:38:22 pm »
Each day we are going to post a new feature in SlickEdit 2021 to focus on for a few minutes and try out.  Today's focus is color profiles.  You can see more details on the new features in the readme (Help > About Slickedit... > Release Notes).  Bug reports are great feedback, we will fix what we can.   But any feedback is helpful, even if as simple as “looks good” to “this is useless, but thanks anyway”.

•   Application Theme
   o   Automatically detect Windows 10 Dark app mode and use our Dark theme
   o   Improved Dark application color theme scroll bar colors to make it more visible
•   Colors
   o   Add ability to have a color scheme inherit settings from a predefined color scheme.
   o   Added new color schemes: Charcoal, Ash, Stone, and Onyx
   o   Added ability to change color profile per-buffer (WIndow > Color...)
   o   Added ability to change color profile for mini-map per-buffer (right-click > Color...)
   o   Added per-language configuration for editor and minimap color profiles
   o   Enhanced Color dialog to preview all colors in the list of colors
   o   Added setting to Color dialog for default mini-map color profile
   o   Improved code for resizing the Color configuration dialog
   o   Added ability to import color themes from Visual Studio, Xcode, VSCode, and Eclipse
•   Symbol coloring
   o   Each color profile now has colors defined for symbol coloring rules. This mitigates the need for a relationship between color profiles and a compatible symbol coloring scheme, as all built-in symbol coloring schemes are now compatible with all built-in color profiles.
   o   Each color profile also has a palette of symbol coloring colors, selected as color-safe foreground colors tuned to the background canvas color of each color profile. These can be used when adding new symbol coloring rules instead of defining colors directly in the symbol coloring scheme (which may or may not be compatible with all color profiles).
   o   Improved code for resizing the Symbol Coloring configuration dialog.