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Touchpad double click vs double tap

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SlickEdit Pro 2021 (v26.0.0.3 64-bit Qt5)

I've been using v26 for a few days and I noticed different behaviour on my laptop's touchpad...
to select a word, I now have to double click (twice click down the touchpad);
previously I could simply double tap (quickly twice tap touchpad without making it click) to select a word.

For sanity check:
- in Notepad++ I can double tap to select a word.
- in this message/reply box I can double tap to select a word.

Is there a setting in VS26 that affects behaviour of touchpad...?

I prefer double tap to select a word.

Thanks  :)

Same thing happens in Search result window.

I find that if I slow down my double tap then it seems to work...

hmmm, I didn't previously slow down my double tap....!?!

And this appears to happen only in VS (specifically in text/code window and in Search results pane).

I've noticed the same thing. But sometimes it works but most times it doesn't.

We will look into this.


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