Author Topic: Tool window size docked vs. undocked  (Read 105 times)


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Tool window size docked vs. undocked
« on: September 23, 2021, 05:13:47 pm »
I get this problem sometimes, but I don't have a good repro case...

It happened most recently when I discovered the backup history tool window.
I opened it, it was floating.
I moved it around a bit, and finally docked it on the left side of slick.
Then, when I floated it, it kept its docked size and position instead of going back to its undocked size and position.

1 I picked a tool window I haven't used before -- FTP Client.
2 It opened floating.
3 I resized it a little.
4 Docked it on the left.
5 Resized width a couple of times.
6 Float!
BUG: The floating tool opened in a weird location (slickedit snapped to RHS of my left monitor, the floated tool opened at 0,0 of the right side monitor - my main display).
Also, the size matched its docked size instead of being restored to its last floating size.