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Autocompletion is behind


In C#, when I type "private Thing mythings = nu"
Autocomplete pops up.
It shows 4 "n" prefix matches, including "names" and "null".

Actually, if I pause after typing n to allow autocomplete to popup, then type u, it shows lots of symbols with 'u'.

#1: So I assume this has something to do with allowing misspellings?
#2: Exact prefix matches probably should be listed first, so the first thing in the match list for "nu" should be "null", not "name".
#3: If I type "nu", and allow the autocomplete popup to appear, I get 4 symbols in the list. If I type "n" <pause> "u", then I get a whole ton of symbols.
Why the difference here?

#1) yes

#2) then the list would not be sorted.  Another user had reported the same issue with the same suggestion, which does not seem to be a good solution to me, hard to implement and potentially confusing results.

#3) this probably relates to auto-complete timeouts or case-sensitivity, depends on your options.


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