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add_multiple_cursor_xxx only works once

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This might not be specific to 26 beta 3 as I have this problem for a long time.

I have bound ctrl+shift+xxx keys to add_multiple_cursor_xxx (where xxx is 'up' or 'down')
When I trigger this command for the first time, this works just as expected, I can add more cursors and do some nice multi-edit.

After I have done my multi edit I usually press ctrl+shift+xxx again to leave the multi cursor mode.
Then  whenever I try to add multiple cursor up or down again, it fails with this error message in the status bar :
"Resetting multi-cursors because buffer was modified"

I can however still add new cursors by using the ctrl+Left Click combination.

I am wondering what I am missing here ?
Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

Press Esc to exit multiple cursor mode. Seems to get mad if you don't do this. Might be a bug

Thanks for the advice.
It is worse than I thought, I am getting this 'bug' even after a restart of vs (ctrl+alt+up/down just move the cursor up/down and trigger the error message in status bar.
In fact it seems to work randomly.
Do you happen to be able to reproduce this ?

I'm not getting any problem after restart. It always works fine after restart

I don't know what is broken here.
Besides ESC does not work for me.
Clicking anywhere seems to do the trick.
By looking at the code, why would this message "Resetting multi-cursor because buffer was modified." show up ?


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