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I have a VS2017 solution, with a single C# project.
There are several *.cs files in the project.

Open the *.sln with slickedit.
In the "Files" tool window, Project tab, I double-click on a *.cs file.

The file opens as a "Plain Text".

If I delete the *.V* files and try again I found that this always happens with the 1st *.CS file that I open.

I don't think this has much to do with being a Visual Studio solution. Try manually setting the document mode to C# for the plain text file, close the solution(maybe close the C# files first), and reopen the solution . Maybe that will fix the issue. If not, could you post a small test project where we  could reproduce this. Could be your perfile.xml file.

Also, try opening this solution from a clean config.

OK, here is a sample *sln.
Open the SLN in slickedit.

In the Files toolbar, Project Tab, double click "Ex1.cs".
It opens without coloring -- it opens as PlainText.

- This is RC1, Migrated from 25.0.2
- It does not happen with 25.0.2
- It does not happen with a clean configuration.
- I made fresh copies of these files in new directories, so "perfile" shouldn't be confusing things.

I'm going to need your config. Works fine for me.

Specifically, what files do you need?


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