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Mac touchpad gets disabled

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For reasons unexplained, I lose the ability to click our scroll on my trackpad in the editor window. Clicking on menu bars still works. saw this in both beta3 and beta4. I cannot recover except to close the app and restart.

SlickEdit Pro 2021 (v26.0.0.4)

Serial number: *****
License type: Beta License
License expiration: 2021-10-10 05:30:00
License file: /Library/Application Support/SlickEdit/26/slickedit.lic

Build Date: September 30, 2021
Emulation: macOS

OS: macOS BigSur
OS Version: 11.3
Processor Architecture: Apple M1 (8 cores)

Memory: 98% Load, 16194MB/16384MB Virtual
Shell Information: /Applications/ -i
Screen Size: 1680 x 1050

Project Type: (Other)
Language: .js (JavaScript)
Encoding: UTF-8, no signature

Installation Directory: /Applications/
Configuration Directory: /Users/*****/Library/Application Support/SlickEdit/26.0.0/
Migrated from: /Users/*****/Library/Application Support/SlickEdit/25.0.2/
Spill File: /tmp/$slk.*****.17408

How easy it this to reproduce in the edit window?

Can you click and scroll in tree or list controls in SlickEdit? Just wondering if this issue is limited to the edit window.

Issue happens in edit window and the search results window. Then in the File window I can click each file, but the icons at top (SAVE, CLOSE SELECTED FILE,etc) - those are not clickable. These are the tool bars I have opened so far and seen this issue. I have also seen that if i double click in the edit window, it becomes active but cursor does not work - i cannot click and go to any line. But also double clicking seems to change files oddly to another buffer that is open.

We're trying to reproduce this with the hardware we have.  No luck so far, but we have some new questions.

Can you post your user.cfg.xml file from your configuration directory?  We don't think the problem is config related per se, but having this file answers a lot of questions about tool window docking all at once.

Do you have any mouse or touchpad customization or macro applications installed?  I'm thinking of things like BetterTouchTool or Swish as representative examples. If so, which ones do you have?

You mentioned some of the toolbars and windows you've been using.  Do the mouse problems only start when using particular tools, or does it just seem to be random when the problem starts?

If we can't reproduce this here, our next step would be to provide you with a debug SlickEdit that has added event logging so we can try to see what events we're getting leading up to the problem.

cfg file attached.

I don't have any mouse/touchpad customizations installed.

Seems fairly random - the only tool bars I use are Search/Find, Buffers,Files, Projects, Workspace. Rest of toolbars I don't use.

Happy to install the debug log version - also, would need an updated license to continue to debug since current expires October 10th.


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