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Expansion icon not dark


#1 The +/- icon (shows up in big find) expander is always light mode.
See attached.

#2 the autocomplete screen shot in Options is both old (appears to be a screen shot from some older version of slick), and always light mode.

#3 When is the lightbulb icon supposed to actually show up?
For me, I only get it after the auto complete popup appears, and I hit down arrow at least once.

True, both are artwork that does not change for dark/light mode, but they work with either.

Yes, the auto-complete options artwork is somewhat outdated, but it gets the point across.  The next iteration of that artwork will need to be scalable graphics, so that will be quit a bit of work to put together for me (that's why I keep putting it off ;-) )

The lightbulb is supposed to show up when auto-complete becomes active.  Looks like there is a new bug there.  Good catch.  A substantial portion of auto-complete was re-written for performance in this release.


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