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How to see list of files used in wildcard project?

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When I create a wildcard project is the list of files that are found/included in the project available somewhere in a text file? I'd like to be able to view this information in a text file so I can search, easily browse it, etc.

Also is there a way to find out how many source files are in the project as a result of the wildcard searching?

I remember Clark told me in another post that I can't find that when loading a wildcard project that all the files in the project are cached in a file so that a new scan doesn't need to happen when loading a new project for the first time.

But I can't find that cache? Is it supposed to be in the .vpwhistu file? I can't find it there? Or is it in the .vtg file?

In my workspace I store the tag file in another directory, and I see the .vpwhistu file goes there too. Don't know if this makes a difference? Originally when I had the .vpwhistu in default directory I thought I saw the list there, but I don't see it anymore when I have a different tag directory?

My .vpw has this line in it to tell it where to store the tag file:

--- Code: ---<Workspace Version="10.0" VendorName="SlickEdit" TagFileDir="/export/sim/%(USER)-se/%(last-path 3 %wp)">
--- End code ---

The vpwhist file should have a [WildcardCache] section.

Also, the Tag file will show all the files. Tools>Tag Files>Workspace and Project Tag files. Although, you can copes/paste them out. There is a listvtg tool that will list all the files in a tag file.

--- Code: ---listvtg -files tagfile.vtg

--- End code ---

The [WildCardCache] is not there when I change the location of my tagfile in my .vpw as mentioned in an earlier post by putting into my .vpw:

--- Code: ---<Workspace Version="10.0" VendorName="SlickEdit" TagFileDir="/export/sim/%(USER)-se/%(last-path 3 %wp)">
--- End code ---

Additionally when changing my tag file location this way the listvtg fails:

--- Code: ---$ ./listvtg /export/sim/rbresali-se/git/rbresali-mdt_demo/slickopt/mdt.vtg
listvtg: database open error status = -3
--- End code ---

Seems to be some bugs in SlickEdit when TagFileDir is used in the vpw file.

Forgot to say when I don't use TagFileDir in my .vpw then I do see [WildCardCache] in my .vpwhistu and listvtg does work.

Only when I set the TagFileDir do both of these fail.


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